Chicago, IL/DePaul neighborhood

  • Programming and Concept Design Consultation
  • Renovation and Restoration of Church Interior and Exterior
  • Project Management
  • ADA / Accessibility Design Implementation - Interior, Exterior
  • Lighting Design
  • Stained Glass Window Restoration Consultation
  • Liturgical Design Consultation
  • Exterior/Main Entry restoration and stabilization
  • Church sign design

Project Gallery

Sanctuary - rendering

Nave and apse - Before / After

New concealed lighting was designed for the existing historic altar.

Concept rendering and completed construction. Work included removing an existing wall, designing new finishes to match the historic interior and conceal two pipe columns hidden within the removed wall, and replacing the main entry doors with more historically appropriate doors.

Above: Stained glass window hidden by dropped ceiling in the narthex.
Right: Rendering of the remodeled narthex, with the previously hidden window now restored.

Above: rear of sanctuary prior to construction.
Right: the sanctuary, post-construction.


Above: the vestibule prior to construction.
Right: the same view, post-construction.

Transverse section.

Floor plan, showing modified seating plan

The altar legs are formed from portions of the former communion rail. The altar table surface is removable, allowing the altar to be removed prior to secular functions in the sanctuary.

Baptismal font
Like the altar, the baptismal font re-uses portions of an older communion rail.

A vessel for storage of the holy oils. The ambry was constructed using the base and lid of a former baptismal font.

Exterior sign
Mosaic signs repeat the narthex floor mosaic design.

Restoration work here included complete reconstruction of the entryway gable, which had been pulling away from the building.

Exterior steps
Shown: Before / Construction / After, main entry

Deteriorated concrete steps leading to the main entry and side entries were removed and reconstructed. An isolated single step was removed to eliminate a tripping hazard. An accessibility ramp at the front entrance had previously required guard posts at the top of the steps; reconfigured access to the church allowed removal of the ramp.

Main Entry
Before / After, including replacement doors and extensive stonework repairs.

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